Now scheduling "First Peeks" as early as 8 weeks for dating and gender
determination ultrasounds as early as 15 weeks. We offer 2D/3D/4D & 5D-HD Live 
Ultrasounds, Gender Reveal Parties and Baby Showers. Our baby boutique has 
the most adorable baby clothes and accessories. Make an appointment 
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Bundle of Love Ultrasound Studio


At Bundle of Love, our Registered Sonographers provide 2D/3D/4D & 5D-High Definition Live ultrasound sessions, allowing you to watch your precious baby grow. In addition to ultrasound,, we also offer Gender Reveal Parties and Baby Showers. Our beautiful Baby Boutique is stocked with brand name baby outfits, such as Mud Pie, Petit Ami, Carter's and many more. We also have heartbeat animals, baby books, frames, crib bedding, shoes, hair bows and so many other accessories and keepsakes for your new addition. Make your appointment or stop by and shop our boutique today! We are updating our website daily, but check out our Facebook page at
 for more pictures and information. You are also welcome to text or call with questions, request more information or to make an appointment.  

 Ultrasound Packages:
We offer ultrasound sessions as early as 8 weeks up until 39 weeks. Watch your baby grow with any of our ultrasound sessions and receive $10 off each return visit throughout your pregnancy (*excludes $35.00 Quick Peek package)

“First Peek” $50

2D Basic package

  • (Recommended 8 -14                 weeks)
  • 10 minute 2D                            ultrasound  session
  • Can determine or                  confirm due date at this        visit.
  • 5 printed black and                    white 2D photo prints
  • DVD recording of entire        ultrasound session           
  • Picture CD of 2D                   images for sharing by            email and printing
  • Gender is not                         determined at this                scan
  • *$10 off return visit                  with this pregnancy

“2D Gender package” $59

2D with "quick peek" in 3D/4D/5D- HD Live

  • (Recommended between            15-22 weeks)
  • 10-15- minute 2D                      ultrasound session
  • Gender determination                or reveal                                envelope given if                    desired
  • 4-8 printed black and              white 2D photo                      prints
  • Sneak peek in                            3D/4D/5D HD Live
  • Picture CD of 2D                   images for sharing                by email and                          printing
  • DVD recording of entire        ultrasound session                capturing baby's                    movements
  • It’s a Boy or It’s a Girl            bracelet 
  •  Mommy bag
  • *$10 off return visits                 with this pregnancy

“He or She? Can’t Wait to See!” $89

3D/4D/5D-HD Live Gender package

  • (Recommended between            15-24 weeks)
  • 20-minute 3D/4D/5D-              HD Live ultrasound
  • Gender determination or            reveal envelope given            (if desired)
  • 2- 4 x 6 color HD                      photos
  • 8- 3 x 4 color HD                      photos
  • 4-8 black and white               photos
  • Picture CD with              unlimited high                       resolution 3D and 5D-          HD pictures for                     sharing by email and             printing. Every picture          captured will be on this CD
  • DVD recording of entire            ultrasound session                capturing baby's                    movements
  • It’s a Boy or It’s a Girl               bracelet
  • Free mommy bag
  • *10 off return visit                    with this pregnancy

Welcome Bandz to announce your new addition!!

"Quick Peek" $35 
3D/4D/5D-HD Live
***May be purchased
after the purchase of any $89 or higher package
  • (Recommended                  27-38 weeks)
  • 10 – 15-minute                  ultrasound                        session
  • DVD recording of entire      ultrasound session               capturing baby's                   movements
  • ** If good pictures             are captured                         during the 10-15               minute allotted                     time frame, then  2- 4 x 6 and 4 - 3 x 4 color HD photos will be given.

***There are no  guarantees of photos with this package. This package was created to allow you to get another look at your baby before his/her arrival. As your baby gets closer to the due date, he/she is more difficult to image due to lower amniotic fluid and the baby being unable to stretch out as easily.

  • No picture CD
     given with this session

*$10 off return visits does not include Quick Peek package

"Chubby Cheeks" $99

3D/4D/5D HD Live

  • (Recommended 27-       34 weeks)
  • 25-30 minute                ultrasound session
  • 2 - 4 x 6 color HD
  • 8 - 3 x 4 color HD
  • 4 -8 black and 
     white photos
  • Picture CD with               unlimited high               resolution 3D and         5D-HD pictures for       sharing
  • DVD recording of          ultrasound session
  • Free mommy bag
  • *10 off return visit with this pregnancy

"Oh Baby!" $129

3D/4D/5D-HD Live

  • (Recommended               27-34 weeks)
  • 30-35 minute
      ultrasound session
  •  Includes everything
      in our "Chubby
      Cheeks" package
  • Plus your choice of     any one heartbeat
    animal friend (with
    your baby's heartbeat
    recorded inside)
  • Plus an additional
     set of 2- 4 x 6 color
      HD photos

"Twice As Nice" $199
3D/4D/5D-HD Live

  • Two 20 -30
      minute ultrasound
      sessions for                  viewing your                  baby at different            stages of pregnancy
  •  Gender
      determination or           reveal envelope
      given (if desired) 
  •  Your choice of   
      one heartbeat  
      animal friend at
      1st session (Baby's        heartbeat                      recording and               placed inside                 animal)  
  •  4- 4 x 6 color HD
     photos (per session)
  • 8 -3 x 4 color HD  
      photos (per session)
  • 4 - 8 black and
      white photos
      (per session)
  • Picture CD given at         each session                 with unlimited High
     resolution 3D and
     5D-HD pictures for
      sharing by email
      or printing of                ultrasound session 
  • DVD recording of          each ultrasound            session capturing          baby's movements
  • It's a Boy or It's a
      Girl bracelet
  • Free mommy bag

"Watch Me Grow" $259
3D/4D/5D-HD Live

  • THREE 
  • 20-25 minute
     ultrasound sessions       for capturing your         baby's growth at           different stages of         your pregnancy
  • Gender
     determination or           reveal envelope
     given (if desired) 
  •  Your choice of   
      one heartbeat  
      animal friend at
      1st session      
  •  4- 4 x 6 color HD
     photos (per session)
  • 8 -3 x 4 color HD  
     photos (per session)
  • 4 - 8 black and
     white photos (per          session)
  • Picture CD at each         session with                   unlimited High
     resolution 3D and
     HD pictures for
      sharing by email
      or printing
  • DVD recording of           entire ultrasound at       each session
  • It's a Boy or It's a
      Girl bracelet
  • Free mommy bag



First tooth & curl sets
Tooth Fairy
"evidence kit"
Includes "fairy dust" and footprint stencil.

Record your baby's heartbeat and take it home today in one of our heartbeat animal friends!

Heartbeat animals can be purchased in addition to any package for $20 (small) or $29 (large). Our "Oh Baby!", "Twice as Nice" & "Watch Me Grow" packages all include the heartbeat animal friend of your choice! 

Heartbeat animals can be purchased without the purchase of a ultrasound package for $10 plus the cost of the heartbeat animal friend. (This does not include ultrasound pictures of baby.)

We have MANY heartbeat animals to choose from:

Our beautiful baby boutique is stocked with adorable baby clothing from name brands such as Petit Ami, Mud Pie, Carter's, American Princess, and many more!
We also carry baby shoes, hair bows, head bands, pacifier clips, diaper bags, crib bedding, baby albums, big sister and big brother books, picture frames, baby's first tooth and curls sets and some unique items such as our Tooth Fairy evidence kit, Santa key, and reindeer food. 
Big brother/Big sister shirts are here, as well as samples for ordering monogrammed onesies and t shirts.
Stop by and see us soon! You will love all of the baby accessories we have to offer!