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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D-HD Live images?

A: 2D images are the traditional black and white images of your baby in two dimensions. 2D images are used because they allow the sonographer or healthcare provider to see your baby's internal organs, bones, and detailed images of the baby's heart.

3D imaging is a "picture" of your baby in three dimensions. These images show greater detail of your baby's features. Instead of looking through your baby, images are produced to include the baby's skin.

4D imaging is the same concept as 3D but includes the actual "movement" of your baby. When choosing one of our 3D/4D/5D-HD live packages, your entire ultrasound will be recorded onto a DVD which will capture your baby's motions in 4D.

5D-HD Live imaging is the newest High Definition technology available, offering a more crisp, clear, defined image. It provides the highest, detailed "images" of your baby.

Q. Are elective ultrasounds safe?

A. Most pregnant women will have at least two to three ultrasounds (more with twins, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, or other high risk indicators) during their pregnancies. Ultrasound have been performed on fetuses for over 30 years, with no harmful side effects reported. An ultrasound scan does not produce radiation but uses sound waves to produce an image of the baby. To date, ultrasounds are considered safe when done by a healthcare provider or Registered OB Sonographer. 

Q. How do I know if the elective 3D/4D facility I choose has Registered OB Sonographers?

A. Some elective facilities do not have Registered OB Sonographers, instead of having a degree in Medical Sonography, their employees have had a few days training to learn to get a 3D/4D image. In fact, we are the ONLY elective facility in Gaston County that employs all Registered OB Sonographers. Our sonographers also work in local OB offices and each have 10-23 years experience.

Q. Are early gender scans accurate, and if so, why won't my doctor's office do a gender scan at 15 weeks?

A. Depending on the experience of the sonographer, the gender of a baby can almost always be determined by 15 weeks. Before 15 weeks, a fetus (both male and female) has a gentital tubercle, also known as the "nub" that protrudes between the legs. Our sonographers do not "guess" the gender before 15 weeks. By 15 weeks, male or female genitalia can be identified in most cases. Our commitment to providing accurate scans helps us remain a reputable facility.

OB offices often perform anatomy screenings between 18-22 weeks to look for fetal abnormalities and the growth and well being of the fetus. Unless indicated, insurance will usually only pay for only one ultrasound in the second trimester. The most optimal time to assess the fetal heart and other organs is between 18 -22 weeks, so gender is done at this scan. Since we are not a medical facility and do not file insurance, we can determine gender earlier. 

Q. If I have an elective 3D/4D/5D ultrasound, can this replace the ultrasound at my OB office or healthcare facility?

A. No! An elective facility does not replace an ultrasound at your OB office or healthcare facility. Though our sonographers are trained to perform ultrasounds, Bundle of Love is not a medical facility. We do not offer medical advice or diagnose. We are allowed to give estimated due dates and estimated fetal weight based off of fetal measurements. However, these are estimates and our ultrasounds are not read or confirmed by a medical doctor. Bundle of Love is an elective facility which is considered "entertainment" and should never replace the care of a medical doctor.

Our goal is to provide a fun, memorable and safe experience for you and your family. Siblings, friends and family are always welcome. We have seating to accommodate small groups of five to six in addition to mom.

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